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Traffic Violations

Efficient And Thorough Traffic Violation Defense

Mistakes happen, but when they do it’s important to protect yourself from unintended consequences. A traffic violation may seem minor, but if you received a ticket may be one step closer to a license suspension.

Don’t pay your driving ticket without calling my firm first. I can take the time to evaluate your case and determine the best way to fight for you. In some circumstances, I may be able to help you avoid court while still getting the best outcome possible for your situation.

Obtaining Points On Your Driving Record

Along with fines and other penalties, the state of California awards points to people for traffic violations. If you collect a certain number of points within a defined time period, your license may be suspended. Some examples of common traffic violations and their point values include:

  • Improper child restraint while driving: 1 point
  • Running a red light: 1 point
  • Reckless driving: 2 points
  • DUI: 2 points

While speeding can be worth 1 point, it may be considered reckless driving and awarded 2 points depending on the circumstances of the incident.

A Reputation For Success

As an advocate for residents in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda counties, I’ve helped a wide variety of clients get the results they’re looking for. Recently, I was able to help a client in Los Angeles county by clearing all of their driving tickets and also cleaning up their driving record.

I don’t consider a traffic violation an admission of guilt, and you shouldn’t, either. With a flat-rate fee for many cases, I’m able to provide quality legal services at an affordable and accessible rate.

Let’s Discuss Your Traffic Ticket

As a small firm, I’m able to handle each case personally from start to finish. This means I get to know you, your circumstances and what’s at stake for your family while I’m building your defense.

Call my office today at 408-758-5673 or send me an email today to discuss your traffic violation and how I can help. I will do my best to reach a quick resolution on your case while keeping you out of court.