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Excellent up-and-coming attorney! Highly recommended! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work with Mr. Cabanayan… He was able to easily rattle off all the newest laws and case precedents. If he didn’t know the answer to my questions right away, he would tell me right away and that he would get back to me ASAP, which he did. The thing that I liked most about him is he is a no BS type of guy. Many attorneys don’t know the answers right away, which is fine, however they try to make something up to look intelligent, and wind up making a fool of themselves. I think that Ron is one of the very few honest attorneys out there and I wish him the best of luck and I am sure he won’t need it.”

– Asher

“I had a simple traffic violation turn ugly when I was assigned community work, but I kept on missing my deadline for completion. I was able to get 4 opportunities to finish the work and I knew I would need a professional to convince the judge to give me a 5th chance. When I contacted Ron, he was happy to go to the court and look at my case and provide a solution; I am glad to say I am done with that case thanks to Ron. His pricing for representing me was rather amazing, and he was very easy to deal with. I would strongly recommend Ron for any legal needs you have.

– Edgar S.

“I had a hypothetical legal question and Ronald provided a very comprehensive and complete answer. I am in no need of legal assistance at the moment but wouldn’t hesitate to consult Ronald and have his assistance if I am ever in need.”

– Avvo user

“Ron is amazing! In addition to being a nice guy, he’s definitely not afraid to crack the whip when needed! He is very knowledgable and always willing to explain complex ‘legal stuff’ in plain English. For confidentiality purposes, I can only say that Ron went above and beyond to make me a winner, and I’d recommend anyone to Ron!”

– Alan M.

Ronald represented our son in a small brush with the law and SJSU matters. He is very professional, responsive, calm, methodical, and, above all, compassionate. From the very beginning he outlined the needed strategy of defense and what we had to do to get to the desired outcome of full charges dismissal and clean criminal record. He also volunteered to assist in the resolution of the disciplinary actions from SJSU and, thanks to his guidance, these were brought to a minimum probation. He kept us informed of all developments in our son’s case and worked independently to resolve arising issues. As a result, our son did not have to appear in court once and the court case was fully dismissed thanks to Ronald’s efforts. We can honestly state that Ronald went above and beyond our expectations of what an attorney will do for a client and highly recommend his services should you be in need of a legal representation!

– Michael M.

Atty. Cabanayan and his associates are wonderful! They are all very accommodating and have always responded to my questions in a very timely manner. Atty. Cabanayan is an excellent resource! He has helped and guided me in the entire process, and I could say that him and his associates went above and beyond in making sure that things go smoothly.

I am very pleased with the services they provided – excellent service, but very low fees. I would highly recommend Atty. Cabanayan for any legal needs!
Thank you very much!

– Gracelia T.

Thank you Attorney Cabanayan! I went into your office scared and not knowing what to expect. I had received my first DUI and I was very nervous! Right away you put my mind at ease. You even told me I didn’t have to appear in court, you would take care of everything! Sure enough, you were able to reduce my charges and worked out a deal I could live with! I am so thankful and now I can get on with my life! You helped me make the best out of a stressful and embarrassing situation!

– Kathy W.

I called up attorney Cabanayan for some advice on a landlord tenant wrongful eviction issue after hours on Friday when no one else was returning my calls. I was amazed he picked up the phone and spent quite a bit of time to understand my situation and provide quality advice – that other lawyers wanted to charge upfront before dispensing it. I insisted on paying him for his time and quality advice over the phone by credit card and he wouldn’t accept it. Rare to find this type of attorney so I definitely want to do business with him.

– N N.