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How A Criminal Charge Can Affect Immigration Status

Criminal charges have serious consequences for anybody in this country, but they have a ripple effect for immigrants, naturalized citizens and their families. While there are many California criminal defense lawyers, you need one with experience in immigration and naturalization law to offer a full defense of your case.

The Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan is committed to protecting those in San Jose and across Santa Clara County. So what are the consequences of getting charged with a crime as an immigrant?

Worst-Case Scenario: You Could Be Deported

If you are an undocumented immigrant or have committed a serious felony, you could be at risk for deportation. Naturalized citizens could lose their legal status, and anyone outside of the country may not be able to return for several years following their criminal charge.

If Applying For Citizenship, Your Application Could Be Denied

If you are in the middle of the naturalization process, you need to be especially cautious of making any mistakes with the law. Any misstep could cause your application to be denied, or at least delay the process as your case is going through trial.

Your Family’s Status May Be Put In Jeopardy

If you lose your status or are deported for being charged with a crime, your family members may also feel the effects of your actions if they are here on a family visa. Once you are no longer legally in the country, they may not have the right to be either, putting your entire family at risk for deportation.

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