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Faced With A DUI Charge? Here Are Your Options.

When you are pulled over for drunk driving in California, you may be tempted to just accept the charges and move on with your life. But what may seem like a minor misdemeanor today could have lasting consequences. At the Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan, I personally sit down with you and evaluate your DUI charge options. The most common of these options include:

1. Assert your Fourth Amendment rights

When police overstep their bounds or have no probable cause to pull you over and investigate, there are options in place to suppress evidence that has been gained unlawfully, and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the trial.

Many people don’t understand the full scope of their constitutional rights. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can thoroughly evaluate the circumstances of your case to determine if law enforcement has pursued your case unlawfully.

2. Accept a plea deal or diversion program

In some instances, you may be able to accept a much more favorable outcome through a plea deal or diversion program. For example, San Mateo has a military diversion program to help counsel current or former members of the military whose substance abuse is a result of their service. Contact an attorney to discuss what options may be available for your case.

3. Go to trial

When all else fails, take your case to trial. With the right representation, you can ensure you receive fair treatment under the criminal justice system. When you firmly believe you are in the right, vigorous advocacy before the court may be the best way to get results.

4. Never plead guilty

No matter what happens, never plead guilty. There are always options available. You would be surprised what difference a criminal defense attorney can make.

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