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How hard is the citizenship test?

If you are looking to become a fully-fledged United States citizen, you need to go through the naturalization process.

One area that gets many people worried is the civics test. If you never enjoyed exams at school or work, it is only natural to have concerns about this, especially if English is not your first language.

The test is passable

Each year thousands of people pass it without much problem.  Think of it like any other exam – if you want it enough, you need to prioritize studying for it.

The answers are not all general knowledge

Maybe you have heard people who have lived in the U.S. their whole lives say that they would not have a clue about how to answer some of the questions. That’s because they may never have needed that knowledge or thought about some of the areas covered.

It’s a bit like how you can work in a particular field your whole adult life, yet you might still struggle with some questions they ask of high school kids in the exams for the subjects most closely related to your field. There are 100 possible questions you need to study, of which you will be asked 10. You must get six correct to pass the test. They are all up on the test site for you to access.

You can practice for the exam

As with high school kids, you need to study for the likely questions you will face, rather than have a general knowledge of all things American. Getting legal help to handle the rest of your naturalization application will leave you more time to focus on the actual citizenship test, making the entire process much easier.