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Getting ready for your Green Card interview 

You and your spouse are hoping to build a new life together in the United States. You’ve been able to visit each other on and off over the years but you’re now hoping to obtain permanent residency through a marriage Green Card. 

You’ve filled out all the relevant paperwork and are nearly there. There is just one last hurdle: the interview process. Interviews can be overwhelming, especially when the stakes are so high. 

Fortunately, by keeping the following factors in mind, the interview process can become much less daunting. 

Make sure you are prepared 

If you’re running late, have forgotten something vital and have no idea what to expect, this will only add to the stress of the situation. Make sure you have the relevant paperwork handy, such as your passport, marriage certificate and other information. 

You might also find it useful to attend the interview site the day before. While you probably won’t get to talk in detail with any staff, it will familiarize you with the surroundings, which could make them less nerve-racking on the day of your interview. 

There is no way to anticipate exactly what immigration officers will ask you, but it is possible to gain at least a rough idea. You might be asked when you and your spouse proposed and where it happened. They may ask you how you live day-to-day, such as who cooks the most in the household. All of this is not done to pry, but to make sure that your relationship is authentic and that you’re an upstanding citizen.  

Be legally prepared 

When applying for a green card, you also want to make sure that you have experienced legal guidance behind you. This will help with your application as well as minimize potential errors.