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A cup of coffee will make you sober (and other myths)

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | DUI Defense

Drunk driving is very common, leading to tens of thousands of arrests every year. And there are certainly many cases in which people who know that they are too drunk to drive decide that they’re going to do so anyway.

But it’s also a problem that people will sometimes believe different myths about how to get sober. They will then use these myths, which don’t work, and they believe that they’ve done what it takes to be a safe and sober driver. They will be surprised when they get pulled over and they get a DUI. You need to know what these myths are so you can avoid them.

“Coffee will sober you up”

First and foremost, people think that a cup of black coffee can sober you up. It cannot. The time it takes to drink it may help your BAC go down, and the caffeine makes you feel alert, but that doesn’t mean the coffee made you sober.

“You just need to eat something”

Eating before you drink can slow down how fast you become intoxicated. But eating after you drink doesn’t really change anything because it’s not going to affect your blood alcohol concentration. It just affects the contents of your stomach at that moment.

“Just take a cold shower”

If you have been drinking at home and you’re about to leave, people may tell you to hop in the shower really quickly because it will wake you up. And it may wake you up, in the same way that that cup of coffee would, but it doesn’t make you any less intoxicated than when you got in. 

If you have gotten a DUI, perhaps because you tried one of these tricks, you need to know what legal options you have.