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Which family members can seek a family-based visa?

People who are trying to come to the United States to reunite with family members should ensure they understand how the immigration process works. For many, the petition that they file will be for family-based immigration.

In order to come to the U.S. on this type of visa, you have to have a sponsor. This person must be a family member who is a green card holder or a U.S. citizen. They must also be 21 years old. You’ll have to determine what type of visa to apply for before you can submit your petition.

What are the different types of family-based visas?

There are two different family-based visas. Each one has specific points that you should remember.

The immediate relative visa is for a child, parent, or spouse of a U.S. citizen. This type of visa doesn’t have a limit on the number that can be issued each fiscal year.

The family preference visa is meant for the same family members as the immediate relative visa, but brothers and sisters of citizens can also come to the country with this type of visa. Lawful permanent residents can sponsor their spouse or an unmarried daughter or son for this type of visa. There is a limit to how many of these visas can be issued in a fiscal year.

Individuals who want to reunite their families need to review the applicable immigration laws so they can ensure they’re doing things the proper way. Discussing the matter with someone who’s familiar with these cases can help you along the way. This gives you the opportunity to learn about the process, review your options, and prepare for each step.