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A B-1 visa helps you do business in the United States

If you are interested in coming to the United States for work, then you may want to obtain a business visa, also known as the B-1 visitor visa. This visa is not intended to lead to permanent residency but instead allows you conduct business in the United States legally for anywhere from a few days up through around 10 years with multiple entries.

Under immigration law, it’s possible to use this visa to:

  • Perform consultations
  • Negotiate business contracts
  • Participate in educational, professional, scientific, or business meetings, go to seminars or conferences, or join other legitimate activities of a professional or commercial nature

People wishing to conduct business in America may not need this visa if the visit will be for less than 90 days, since the Visa Waiver Program may allow them to come without applying for a visa temporarily. However, those who want to stay longer will need to go through an interview process with the U.S. consulate and have an approved visa before arriving.

What does it take to get a B-1 visa?

To get a B-1 visa, you need to show that:

  • You are planning to enter the United States for business
  • You plan to stay in the United States for a limited period of time
  • You have the financial support to fund your stay while in the United States
  • You have economic and social ties abroad
  • You have a residence outside the United States (showing that you’ll return abroad once your business is complete)

This visa is intended for business only. You can get an apartment or rent a hotel while on this visa. You can also get an ATM or debit card from a U.S. bank, rent vehicles (as long as you have a license from your country) and may open a bank account. You won’t be able to get a U.S. credit card or join an educational institute on this visa, but it could help you spend enough time consulting or joining in other activities to find a route to an employment-based visa sponsor. With the B-1 visa, you can extend your stay for up to a year at a time, and there is an option to leave and return.