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When can your US citizenship be revoked?

Natural-born US citizens have their birthright citizenship constitutionally protected. However, naturalized citizens can get their citizenship revoked for various reasons. Following denaturalization, the individual may be deported to their home country and lose all their naturalized citizen rights.

Below are grounds that may lead to a revocation of your status as a naturalized US citizen.

You lied in your naturalization application process

Misrepresentation of facts can occur in your paperwork or the oral testimony you provided. If you lied or impersonated someone else when applying for your citizenship, it could be revoked even if such facts come to light after the process has been concluded.

You were discharged dishonorably from the military

You may apply for naturalization if you serve or have served in the military. However, your naturalized citizenship may be revoked if you were dishonorably discharged within five years of service. The reasons for such dishonorable discharge include desertion or sexual assault, among others.

You joined a subversive group

As a naturalized citizen, you are required to pledge and uphold allegiance to the United States’ constitution. Joining a subversive group within five years of naturalization may indicate a shift in loyalty and a violation of the oath of allegiance. Subversive groups may include the communist party or any terrorist organization.

Are you facing possible revocation of your naturalized citizenship?

If you or your loved one is facing the possibility of denaturalization, it is crucial to take action towards retaining your citizenship status and avoiding deportation. In some cases, you may be a victim of mistaken identity, but you cannot afford to take any chances. 

Depending on the reasons for denaturalization, you may even be permanently barred from reentering the country, which is why you need to take any allegations with some sense of urgency.