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Can immigration reform ease the labor shortage?

Immigration reform is a highly debated topic in this country. With the current state of the labor force, there’s some question about whether immigration reform might help ease the shortage of workers here. 

While businesses struggle to fill open positions, more than 9 million individuals are waiting to become permanent residents. The majority of them meet the qualifications for coming here. Still, they’re stuck waiting in their home country while their application languishes in a broken immigration system that could greatly benefit from massive reform. 

Lengthy process awaits applicants

There are limits to how many applicants can be approved for coming into the U.S. each year. This means that many people will have to wait a long time before their applications can be approved. Currently, the annual limit for employer-sponsored and family-based immigration is 366,000. This limit hasn’t increased since 1990. 

Another issue that’s causing a backlog is the archaic system for applications. There is a ban on web-based interviews, which means immigration application processing grinds to a halt when restrictions are issued regarding in-person interviews. There’s also the matter of paper-only documentation and application requirements. These delays mean that some of the slots available for immigrants to come to the U.S. go unfilled. 

Anyone who’s interested in coming into the United States should ensure they understand what immigration policies apply to them. This can help them as they work to get the documentation they need to live here. Working with someone familiar with these cases is often beneficial since there’s a second pair of eyes to look over everything.