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Juvenile delinquency issues can affect immigration status

Most parents want their children to behave and stay out of trouble so they can enjoy their childhood. For children of immigrants, the situation is often more serious than that. There’s a chance that a juvenile who’s facing legal trouble could also have problems with their immigration status.

Why would an immigrant child face immigration actions?

Everyone who comes into the United States as an immigrant is expected to behave in a morally acceptable manner. Juveniles who are accused of things like drug trafficking or gang activities can face being deported. An adjudication in these cases could lead to the child facing serious consequences related to immigration.

In some cases, such as a suicide attempt or alcoholism, there doesn’t even need to be a crime committed. Juveniles may be considered inadmissible into this country simply because they are a danger to themselves or others.

What options are present to keep the child in the country?

One of the first things that is done is checking to find out whether the child might have a claim for citizenship or not. If the child is actually a United States citizen and didn’t realize it, that information can be used to help them remain in the country. It’s also possible that the child may be able to get a waiver that enables them to avoid deportation.

If your child is an immigrant who’s facing accusations of juvenile delinquency, you should learn about the options for both that case and any immigration actions that might occur. These two cases often go hand-in-hand, so swift action is imperative.