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What is the real goal of a green card marriage interview? 

If you’re an immigrant who married a U.S. citizen and got a green card, you may be asked to go through an interview with your spouse. The government will ask you a number of questions about your life and your relationship. 

The goal of this interview isn’t for you to get the answers “right.” The goal is for the government to decide if your marriage is serious or if you’re just pretending to be married to get a green card. This is uncommon, but the government is wary of such an action — which is fraud — and takes steps to prevent it. 

What questions will they ask?

The questions they ask you are impossible to predict completely, but they’ll likely be very general. They want to see if you and your spouse answer the same way. Examples may include:

  • Have you met each other’s families? When did that happen?
  • When did you actually meet?
  • How did you meet? Was it online, at work, at school, on a blind date, etc.?
  • How did the proposal happen?
  • On a normal day, who does the cooking? How do you divide other chores?
  • What is your general schedule like? For instance, after work, what do you do together?
  • Have you talked about having children?

Again, the specific answers don’t really matter, as long as they’re the same. But if you have major discrepancies on things you should agree on, that could raise some red flags. 

This process can be somewhat stressful and confusing. It’s also very important to get through it and secure your life in the U.S. Be sure you know what legal options you have to make the process easier. Working with an attorney can be key.