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Immigrants are warned away from border crossings by the federal government

The 2020 election brought a wave of new hope for many immigrants and would-be immigrants, both inside the borders of the United States and without. Many hope that the shift in the federal government will bring friendlier days for all.

Those days may be coming, but immigrants who are trying to enter the country are currently being warned away from border crossings.

Misinformation is spreading rapidly thanks to smugglers

“Coyotes,” or people who smuggle immigrants across the U.S. border for money, have been spreading the word to would-be immigrants who have been stuck in Mexico for some time. They’re being urged to head to certain points along the border and told that they will be allowed to enter the United States on a specific date.

Don’t believe them. According to Jen Psaki, the new White House Press Secretary, “Now is not the time to come.” Citing ongoing efforts to revamp the entire immigration process, she stated, “The vast majority of people will be turned away. Asylum processes at the border will not occur immediately, will take time to implement.”

It’s highly likely that the misinformation is designed to build excitement among hopeful immigrants. Once the excitement turns to disappointment or despair, the coyotes can sweep in and get new customers.

Get real help with your immigration journey

When you’re separated from your loved ones by an arbitrary line on the ground, it’s very frustrating to work through a convoluted immigration process. It doesn’t help that the process keeps shifting.

Don’t let your loved ones get taken in by smugglers, however. Instead, work with an immigration attorney to find the best avenue of approach for your needs. Remember: Getting caught trying to cross the border without permission can damage your future immigration case.