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Changes to the citizenship test

The citizenship test was changed at the beginning of December, and it’s going to look a bit different moving forward. If you’re interested in becoming a citizen, it’s crucial to know what these changes mean and what you should expect.

When do these changes start?

The changes are already in place. The new test is to be given to anyone who applied on December 1st or at a later date. The only way people get the old test is if they applied in November or before.

How many questions are on the new test?

The total number of questions increased from 100 to 128. As with the previous test, there is no need to answer all of them, but simply to study them. They form the pool from which the questions will be pulled during the test.

How many do you have to answer correctly?

You need to answer 12 questions correctly. This is up from a previous total of six. However, you will now be given 20 questions during your test. This means you have to get 60% right, the same as with the old test. You used to get 10 questions and you needed to get the aforementioned six correct. The percentage remains the same even if the totals have been increased.

Preparing for your test

Becoming a citizen is a big moment in your life, and it is something you have been working toward for a long time. You need to know all you can about the test so that you can prepare, just as you need to know exactly what legal rights and options you have going forward.