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What to know about domestic violence in California

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense

It can be hard to get along with one’s partner all the time, and in some situations two individuals may argue or even fight about the different opinions and preferences that they each hold. While many disagreements between dating or marital partners diffuse quickly, others may escalate into more confrontational events. Based on how the parties interpret those events, some individuals may allege that they have been victimized by their partners through domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious matter that can affect criminal, family, and immigration rights. It can occur between any individuals in a personal relationship and is not isolated to married couples. In fact, individuals do not have to live together for one to claim that the other committed domestic violence against them.

Claims of domestic violence are often built on allegations of ongoing abuse or harm. If a victim can demonstrate that they have been subjected to a pattern or history of violence by their partner, they may be able to make a solid case for domestic violence. However, as with all other legal matters, there are two sides to every domestic violence claim that must be examined in order for a court to know the truth.

There are different forms of conduct that may be identified by an alleged victim as domestic violence. Some may claim that their alleged aggressors committed physical violence against them, while others may state that they had to endure emotional or psychological abuse. In some instances, an alleged victim may assert that their partner denied them access to the money that they needed as a form of economic abuse.

Many parts of a San Jose resident’s life may be significantly disrupted if they are accused of committing domestic violence against their partner. A claim of domestic violence does not have to be life-altering, however, and many individuals have legal options for confronting their charges. Consultation with a criminal defense attorney can help a person facing this serious situation get the help that they need.