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What Can You Negotiate During a Criminal Case?

California criminal laws are diverse and complex. Whenever an individual is facing criminal charges, they should consider seeking the help of attorneys who work in the criminal defense field. There are no guarantees when a criminal matter goes to trial, though legal advice and knowledge of procedural strategies may help some individuals overcome their serious legal hurdles.

One way that an attorney may help their client lessen the burden of their criminal charges is through negotiations with the prosecutor. Just as deals may be worked out in the context of business, deals may also be found between those seeking to punish in the criminal justice system and those seeking to defend themselves.

There are different types of plea negotiations that individuals may use when facing criminal charges. Some individuals seek to negotiate what facts may be presented when their cases go to trial. Placing limitations on certain facts may allow defendants avoid some of the possible charges that prosecutors could pursue against them.

Additionally, some criminal defendants can negotiate the types of charges that they may face. In some situations, a defendant may agree to offer a guilty plea to a lesser charge in exchange for avoiding prosecution on a more aggressive charge.

Plea negotiations and deals are often carefully crafted between prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and their clients. Before agreeing to a plea deal an individual should be aware of what rights they have and what they may be giving up in order to pursue the offered deal.  This post does not provide any legal advice and readers are encouraged to discuss their legal needs with their own attorneys.