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How many immigrants live in California?

The United States, as we know it today, was founded on immigration. Over the course of the country’s history, the vast majority of its population slowly immigrated from other countries.

Of course, with that movement starting hundreds of years ago, you now have a population made up largely of native-born people, even if their ancestors were immigrants. That said, immigration continues to play a big role in the country’s development. Have you ever wondered how many immigrants there are in California alone?

No state has more. General numbers suggest that the state provides a home for roughly 11 million people who have immigrated from other countries. That’s so many that it makes up about 25% of the country’s total foreign-born population. The other 75% are spread out in the other 49 states.

If you look just at California, just over a quarter (27%) of the population is composed of immigrants. That too shows the difference between California and the rest of the United States, as that percentage is more than twice what you’ll find elsewhere. Some studies have found that 50% of the kids in the state have one parent — at least — who is an immigrant.

With immigration still so popular and common in the state, you can imagine that there are a lot of people facing complex situations with work visas, citizenship tests, permanent resident status, green cards and much more. If you have been dealing with any of this, or if you have a family member who is, you need to make sure you fully understand what legal steps to take.