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As immigrants attempt to cross border, officials shoot tear gas

A group of people tried to cross the border in San Diego, at one of the largest ports of entry in the United States, and that prompted authorities to turn them back with tear gas and pepper spray.

The incident happened at the San Ysidro Port, which was then closed down for a few hours afterward. According to reports, about 500 people tried to go around the official buildings and police blockades, simply running for the border. That’s when the authorities stepped up their efforts to turn them back — though some of those trying to cross were young children.

In a statement, authorities said: “Border Patrol agents deployed tear gas to dispel the group because of the risk to agents’ safety.”

After the incident, authorities in both countries have been arresting people — at least 39 people were arrested over the weekend — and they said that they’ll deport anyone who they find out was part of the attempt to cross illegally.

It appears that some of those individuals did try to go through the official port of entry, but authorities turned them away and said they could not enter the country. When that happened, a number of them decided to try to rush the border, resulting in the altercation with the agents on that side.

No serious injuries were reported.

There has been tension between agents and immigrants for some time now, and this event really shows how far things have gotten. It is important for those who want to come to the United States to understand their rights and not risk getting hurt or arrested. They also need to understand what legal steps they can take to lawfully enter the country, especially at a time like this.