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How do I become a dual citizen?

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a goal for thousands of people each year. Then there are those who want to become dual citizens. This is when someone holds citizenship in both the United States and another country. This is not an impossible goal to achieve, but it is also not easy to do in San Jose, California. So, how do you become a dual citizen?

One way to obtain dual citizenship is through birth. For those who are born in the United States to parents who are citizens of another country, you automatically obtain dual citizenship upon birth. This is a right that cannot be denied since you have what is called the basis of right of blood.

The United States also allows people to obtain dual citizenship by investing in the country. For example, maybe you are a citizen of Canada but want to invest money in an area of the United States. If you invest $1 million, you will be granted a conditional permanent resident permit. The investment amount drops to $500,000 if you are investing in a rural area or area with high unemployment numbers.

You might also be able to obtain dual citizenship through marriage. Make sure you know the laws and requirements first. Also, don’t get married simply to obtain citizenship in the United States. Immigration will investigate the situation to ensure that it is a true relationship.

Becoming a dual citizen does not happen overnight in San Jose. You need to complete a lot of paperwork and make sure your record is clean. Make sure you know all of the requirements before applying so you are not denied right off the bat.

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