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No fight from Paso Robles regarding sanctuary state law

Paso Robles officials have made it known that the city will not fight the sanctuary state law in California, according to a recent news report. The city council voted unanimously not to fight the law, which is known as the California Values Act or Senate Bill 54 on Tuesday night. The council listened to dozens of residents express their opinions of the law and immigration as a whole before placing their vote on the matter.

The law in question was approved back in 2017 and it prevents police departments and sheriff’s offices from enforcing any statutes surrounding immigration at the federal level. The crowd that attended the city council meeting was standing room only, with dozens of people standing in the lobby of the building with an additional speaker due to the overflow.

The meeting this week was a follow-up to a meeting that occurred on April 17. At this meeting, residents encouraged the city council to join dozens of other cities in the state that were in opposition to the legislation. The meeting this week lasted for more than three hours as some 70 people spoke in front of city council.

Before voting on the issue, city council did say on the record that the law is flawed, but that the changes need to be made at the state level, not the city level. The council then voted 5-0 not to take action against the law.

Immigration laws in San Jose, California, continue to change. If you are involved in an immigration issue, it is best to learn the current laws in place before you begin to defend your case or work to become a resident.

Source: The Tribune, “Paso Robles won’t fight California’s ‘sanctuary state’ law,” May 02, 2018