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Meet The “Claw Of Justice,” Attorney Ronald A. Cabanayan

I, Ronald A. Cabanayan, am a DUI and criminal defense attorney who also practices extensively in immigration and naturalization law. The core of my legal practice focuses on helping those arrested for DUIs, domestic violence and other criminal charges, as well as assisting with immigration applications.

As a lawyer at the intersection of criminal and immigration law, I am also uniquely qualified to resolve the complicated challenges immigrants face when they are in trouble with the law.

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My network of highly qualified mentors and advisers, also known as the “Claw Network,” has a combined experience of over 50 years that I can bring to work for you. I am admitted to practice in all California courts and in the Federal District Court for Northern District of California.

Committed To The People Of Santa Clara County

As a local attorney who lives, works, was educated and grew up in the San Jose area, I work hard to provide the highest quality legal services to the Santa Clara community. This is why I always strive to resolve cases in a timely and cost-effective manner, all while vigorously advocating for the best result possible in every case.

I am currently sitting as the vice chair for the Appeals Hearing Board for the City of San Jose. I am also an adjunct professor of legal studies at Evergreen Valley College, San Jose. When you need a lawyer you can count on, look no further than the Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan.

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Whether you are charged with a crime or need help with an immigration application, it never pays to wait. I am known for providing personalized service that helps you meet your unique goals, and the sooner you get started the better case you may have.

Hablo español? No problem! The Law Office of Ronald A. Cabanayan works closely with the Hispanic community and offers all services in both English and Spanish.

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